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Active ingredients: For 6-8 servings (1kg = 2,2 lb).
– 1kg pork trotters (pig's front feet).
– 1kg beef shank.
– 1kg beef/pork bone.
– 1kg rice vermicelli noodle.
– 5 stalk lemon yard.
– 1tbsp minced lemongrass.
– 1tbsp diced garlic.
– 1tbsp diced shallot.
– 1tbsp chili powder.
– fresh greens: herbs (mint, Viet mint rau ram, Thai basil), bean sprout, banana bloom, shredded lectuce/ cabbage, split water spinach etc.
– lime, sugar, salt, fish sauce.
– 2 tablespoon Vietnamese shrimp sauce (mam ruoc).
– Optional: blood cubes, Vietnamese shrimp patties, Vietnamese pork.

Music by KÁ.
" Don't hesitate it's alright".
" A morning track".
" Sparrow sparrow".

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