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Common Chinese herbs that go well with pork include solomon’s seal, goji berries, cordyceps and ginseng.

You can use the slow cooker to make all the soups here or follow the specific cooking method listed.

How many minutes is right for boiling an egg, check out this video, it also shows you the special Chinese dish with eggs:

Soup with cordyceps, red dates and wolfberries

The Chinese name for cordyceps 冬虫夏草 literally means winter worm, summer grass.

The unusual name emerges because cordyceps is actually a kind of parasitical fungus expanding within a caterpillar. It at some point eliminates the caterpillar and also take over its body.

Cordyceps is extremely treasured as a nutritional supplement for keeping young people. It is fairly pricey and also a little goes a long way.

Cordyceps and also chicken is an excellent anti-cancer combination. It helps the body to generate anti-oxidants consequently boosting immunity and anti-aging.

Heat wave warm can create dehydration as well as completely dry mouths. It is very important to replenish liquids and rehydrate the body. Some individuals might also have feelings of fascism, like something heavy get on their upper bodies. This could influences the cravings.

Consuming chilly drinks is a quick means to alleviate some of the heat however the Chinese counts on taking in hot soups even in summertime.

The soup, despite the fact that warm in terms of temperature, can be cooling down for the body.

There are a series of components that are considered delicately cooling and work in minimizing body heat.

These components include green beans, Job’s rips, chrysanthemum flowers and Chinese wolfberries.

Incidentally, these are additionally good for detoxification, another vital procedure for the body in the summertime..


  • 1 chicken thigh
  • 2 cordyceps 东虫夏草 (dong chong xia cao)
  • 6 red dates 红枣 (hong zao)
  • 7 Chinese wolfberries 枸杞子 (gou ji zi)
  • 1000ml water


  1. Cut chicken thigh into pieces. Parboil for 2 minutes. Wash and trim excess fats
  2. Rinse the cordyceps, Chinese wolfberries and red dates
  3. Place the chicken pieces into a large soup bowl together with the cordyceps, Chinese wolfberries and red dates
  4. Add the water
  5. Cover soup bowl with clingwrap
  6. Steam for 1.5 hours
  7. Add salt to taste before serving

You could additionally cook the soup utilizing a double-boiling jar or an electric stew pot. Area the parboiled chicken, cordyceps, goji berries and red dates into the ceramic double-boiling jar. Include the water.

Cover it and bring to double boil for 1.5 hours.  Enjoy your mean!

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